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Insaan means human in Urdu. We strive to deliver personalized design and marketing materials to real humans.

Brands sometimes forget they are talking to real people with busy lives 🏃 and limited 💰.  They might spend more 💸 on irrelevant promotions and ineffective design, thus losing customers to competition that is more engaging. If you find yourself in a similar situation, we can help! 👋

With over 25 years of combined experience, we achieve design and marketing success by focusing on smooth user experience, data-centric decisions, and cost-efficiency for our clients.

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Marketing and Design for real humans


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Automate 🤖


  • Welcome, Post-Purchase, Cart/Browse/Checkout Abandonment, Transactional and More!

  • First 30-Day Analysis and Optimization  (additional monthly analysis and  optimization will be charged accordingly)

  • One Time Charge

The Manager 👨🏽‍💼


  • Full SMS Campaign Management

  • Weekly Consultation Calls

  • Unlimited SMS and MMS Campaigns 

  • Strategy and Execution Led by Ex-Attentive - Ex-Oracle Product Manager with Years of Digital Marketing Experience

  • We only take on a max of 2 brands at a time

The Advisor 🧳

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Learn from the best.

  • Get knowledge from people who've worked with multiple INC. 5000, Shark Tank, and Public Companies

  • We can provide E-commerce digital marketing strategy, training, and consultation

  • Live Seminars

  • Research and Analysis and more....

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No spam, cookie-cutter emails, or text messages here! 🙅 We understand that no two humans are alike and that our marketing materials should reflect the same philosophy.

The Insaan Touch

Efficient segmenting and targeting with highly relevant content 👌

A/B testing 🧪️ Subject Lines, Copywriting, CTAs, Send Times, and Promotions

Cutting unnecessary costs ✂️ where we can while increasing revenue, maximizing ROI.

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